228 Massacre


‘Formosa Betrayed’ Barely Scratches the Surface of Taiwan’s History

CJ Sheu

‘Formosa Betrayed’ tries to build a political thriller around a mystery in an unknown land ruled with an iron fist. It’s empty didacticism — and less than thrilling.


The Forgotten Victims of the White Terror

Bart Dashorst

Southeast Asian students were victims of White Terror in Taiwan, too. A narrow Taiwan-centric history can unfortunately neglect their stories.


Hsieh Hsueh-hung: Taiwan's Communist Champion of Self-Determination

The Conversation

Remembering her life, her heroism during the 1947 uprising, and the legacy of the communist movement in Taiwan.

蔡英文 Tsai Ing-wen 原住民

Lin Fei-fan: On 228, I Choose to Stand with Taiwan's Indigenous Peoples

Lin Fei-fan

'228 is an important historical event for every Taiwanese who lived under the oppression of the party-state system and does not distinguish between ethnic groups. But the 400 years of oppression experienced by Taiwan’s indigenous peoples is still poorly understood and rarely discussed.'

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