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East Asia’s Low Welfare Spending Model Fails to Tackle Inequality

The Interpreter

Some say due to strong familial ties, intra-family transfers more or less substituted the role of state welfare in East Asia. But families are getting smaller and evidence suggests that private transfers are not equivalent to public welfare.


Taiwan’s Minimum Wage Is Not Adequate for Its Cost of Living

Roy Ngerng

Taiwan’s low minimum wage has contributed to half of workers earning less than what they need to have a basic standard of living.


Singapore’s Government Says Workers Are Pulling Ahead. Here’s What They Won’t Say.

Roy Ngerng

Last week, a Singapore government minister said that the wages of lower-income and median-income Singaporeans have increased in the last 10 years. But when we compare Singapore with other wealthy, advanced countries, the situation does not look so rosy.


The Pay in Taiwan Is Too Damn Low

Roy Ngerng

Taiwan’s minimum wage is not just lower than the international standard. Its rate of growth has lagged.


How Many Workers Can the Salaries of Singapore’s Ministers Pay For?

Roy Ngerng

While Singapore's prime minister shamelessly lays claim to a salary 167 times the basic wage of an outsourced resident cleaner, the government refuses to enforce a minimum wage.


Week in Focus: A Glance at Inequality

TNL Staff

The growing wealth gap is changing the world from Siberia to South Africa.


Why Is Russia Outpacing China in Income Inequality?

Due to significant differences in privatization strategies, the way in which economic growth has been shared among the citizens of these two countries is vastly different.


Why Globalization Is No Enemy for Chinese Nationalists

Zha Wen

Right-wing movements in the US and Europe are fed by discontent with a globalized economy — something China depends on more than ever.

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