Taiwan defense


US Defense Act Angers China, Reaffirms Status Quo for Taiwan

Nick Aspinwall

The Taiwan provisions in the annual United States defense act change little, but there may be substance beneath the symbolism which further deepens US-Taiwan military ties.


ANALYSIS: Taiwan's Multipronged Quest for National Cybersecurity

China Brief

Taiwan's unique position as a cyber threat hotspot presents an opportunity to galvanize its domestic cybersecurity industry.

Taiwan soldiers

Taiwan's Struggle for All-Volunteer Force and the Civil-Military Divide

Lauren Dickey

As Taiwan transitions to an all-volunteer armed force, the military must do more to build troop morale and public support.


OPINION: Taiwan Must Come to its Own Defense

Adam Hatch

If Taiwan is so outclassed militarily, why should Taipei bother with military expenditures at all?

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