Universal Basic Income


Taiwan Makes History With Universal Cash Payment Plan

UBI Taiwan

Taiwan is giving citizens and permanent residents a one-off cash payment of NT$6,000, a step towards ensuring that the benefits of economic growth are shared by all.


Does Universal Basic Income Have a Home in Taiwan?

TNL Feature

Is Taiwan's stability during the pandemic an occasion to think big?


UBI as a Voucher: The Case Against Universal Basic Income

UBI promises more choice, but it doesn't allow people to change the terms on which choices are offered. Taken with the particularities of Taiwan's financial system, UBI may not be an idea well-suited for the country.

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Is Universal Basic Income Feasible in Taiwan?

Chieh-Chi Hsieh

Universal Basic Income provides economic stability and is believed to address social inequality, but Dr. Chieh-Chi Hsieh makes a case against the idea to launch such a program in Taiwan.

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OPINION: Why Taiwan Needs to Have Emergency Basic Income Now

UBI Taiwan

Taiwanese government should be offering financial assistance to individuals directly instead of corporations.


OPINION: Fund Taiwan's Partial Basic Income Proposal with Tax Reforms

UBI Taiwan

Can we fund a universal basic income policy by increasing some of the unusually low tax rates in Taiwan?


Taiwan's Basic Income Movement Wants to Break Into the Mainstream

James Grant

Can basic income save Taiwan? The movement has momentum thanks to some high-profile supporters.


Curing the ‘Ghost Island’: Why Taiwan Needs Basic Income

Tyler Prochazka

Sun Yat-sen believed that the benefits from natural resources, monopolies and property should be shared amongst all citizens. This is precisely the philosophy behind UBI, argues Tyler Prochazka.


From Fiction to Reality: Universal Basic Income Gaining Traction in Asia

David Green

The idea is gathering global popularity after a landmark trial in India showed a basic income of as little as US$5 per month had a powerfully positive effect on health, community action and investment decisions in target communities.

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