Taiwan Army Major Detained as More Alleged Spy Cases Roll Out

TNL Staff

A row of seven defendants have been accused of collaborating in spying activities for China.


Is China Retaliating Against Taiwan's Investigations into Its Spying?

New Bloom

China’s wild allegations of Taiwanese spying may be a direct response to Taiwan’s investigations of China’s own spy network.


Is Your Phone Spying on You? Inside Chinese Camera Backdoors

Global Voices

Chinese internet giant Tencent was quick to defend a 'feature' in which a smartphone camera self-activates when messaging apps are opened, leaving the country's mobile users worried.


How to Respond to Chinese Spy Ships

Sam Bateman

While it’s fair to describe the deployment of the Chinese ‘spy ship’ to Australia’s EEZ as unfriendly, other factors should be considered before considering what it means for Australian policy


Cross-Strait Spy Games: Taiwan Charges Chinese Student with Spying

Agence France-Presse

National Security Bureau director-general Peng Sheng-chu said in parliament in March that Chinese espionage is 'more serious than before.'

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