Hong Kong protests


A Forensic Investigation Finds a Site That Doxxes Hong Kong Activists and Journalists Is Likely Backed by Beijing

Global Voices

A Toronto-based research group Citizen Lab uncovers that China’s agents are monitoring behind a few notorious doxxing websites, which have intruded the privacy of Hong Kong’s dissident journalists and activists.


An Interview With a Blogger Who Connects Myanmar and Hong Kong’s Dream for Democracy

Global Voices

“I believe what has happened in Myanmar would echo in the minds of many Hongkongers, because our rights, our freedom, our hope for the future are also being deprived by similar institutionalized state violence.”


Political Repression and Authoritarian Legalism in Hong Kong

East Asia Forum

Defenders of Hong Kong’s legal system will insist that judicial independence is a prerequisite for the region’s continued wellbeing, but Beijing may reason that modern China has done well enough with its captive courts.


Hong Kong Legislator Reflects on Pro-Democracy Struggle as He Seeks Asylum

Voice of America

Baggio Leung, a former Hong Kong legislator seeking asylum in the United States, feels pessimistic about Hong Kong's short-term future, but said he believes Hong Kongers will one day win their city back.


Hong Kong Police Arrest Eight Over ‘Unauthorized’ Protest

Voice of America

Eight Hong Kong activists in connection with a protest on July 1 have been arrested for defying a rally ban and violating the newly-imposed national security law.


Opinion: Joshua Wong’s Imprisonment in Hong Kong Is Persecution by Prosecution

Deutsche Welle

Local Council Member Michael Mo warns authorities could go after all Hong Kongers arrested in the pro-democracy protests. Mo also says that Joshua Wong’s sentence could trigger a new wave of protests and a mass exodus.


Will Singapore or Taiwan Replace Hong Kong as Asia’s Financial Hub?

Deutsche Welle

If Hong Kong ends up being just another Chinese megacity, it will lose its role as a leading financial center. Could Taiwan or Singapore serve as alternatives?


3 Hong Kong Prominent Pro-Democracy Activists in Custody

Voice of America

Joshua Wong, Ivan Lam, and Agnes Chow were taken into custody after they pleaded guilty to charges related to a protest outside police headquarters last June.


China Arrests Hong Kong Student Near US Consulate

Deutsche Welle

Tony Chung, the Hong Kong activist who has been arrested in July under the new national security law, was arrested again outside the U.S. consulate just as he tried to seek asylum.


#FreeAgnes Campaign Shows Solidarity With Hong Kong Activists

Daphne K. Lee

Agnes Chow, a well-known Hong Kong pro-democracy activist, has received strong displays of solidarity from supporters in Japan.

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