OPINION: Deleting the Generalissimo from Taiwan is the Right Move

Matthew Geason

'For those who believe that this debate was laid to rest, recall that if there was severance with the past, there would be no need for a truth and reconciliation commission,' argues Matthew Geason.


Why Anyone Who Cares About Taiwan Should Watch 'A City of Sadness'

Cinema Escapist

'A City of Sadness' is not only one of Taiwan's most renowned films, but also a great way to learn about the island.


Pizza Hut and Politics Detract from Somber Day in Taiwan

TNL Staff

For many in Taiwan, February 28 is a day to reflect on the country’s brutal history, but the somber occasion has been marred by distractions this year.


Walking Through the 228 Incident: 10 Facts About 228

Outreach for Taiwan

Though many have heard of the bloody incident in recent years, it remains controversial. Here are 10 facts you should know about 228.

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