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China Protests US Meeting With Dalai Lama in India

Voice of America

China has objected to a meeting between the Dalai Lama and the U.S. coordinator for Tibetan affairs, Uzra Zeya, saying that “no external forces have the right to interfere” in affairs of Tibet.


Succession on the Tibetan Plateau: What’s at Stake in the Battle Over the Dalai Lama’s Reincarnation?

The Conversation

The Dalai Lama has declared on a number of occasions the Tibetan people will reject China’s choice. And Tibetan exiles plan to employ traditional methods to identify Tenzin Gyatso’s successor.


Tibetans Defy China to Celebrate Dalai Lama's Birthday Online

Voice of America

Although Beijing forbids possession and display of the Dalai Lama's image, Tibetans post photos of his feet, shoes, and his body in maroon-colored robes to celebrate his 86th birthday.


Tibetans in Exile Facing New Challenges

East Asia Forum

Tibetans in exile will elect the new president in April. The leader will need fresh thinking and expertise to navigate the challenges ahead.


Groups Call for Dalai Lama to Visit Taiwan on 60th Tibetan Uprising Anniversary

New Bloom

Civic groups and officials from the NPP, SDP and DPP called for the Dalai Lama to be invited to Taiwan.


ANALYSIS: The CCP's 10-Year Policy to Control Tibetan Buddhism

Asia Dialogue

A concerted attempt by the Communist Party to control Tibetan Buddhism is inching closer to fruition.


Taipei's Tibet Kitchen: A Taste of Home, a Hope for the Future

TNL Staff

More than a Taipei food institution, Tibet Kitchen is a gathering place for Taiwan's Tibetan community.

Spirals of incense in the temple

Using Religion Against Itself: State-Managed Buddhism and Chinese-Mongolian Relations

Jichang Lulu

Tibetan Buddhist soft power will likely continue to evolve as a tool of Chinese policy towards Mongolia, Russia, the Himalayas, the Tibetan diaspora, Western Buddhists and international Buddhist organizations.


Tibetans Search for Alternative Protest to Self-Immolation

Rosemary Chen

'Tibetans are now waging a quiet, slow-building nonviolent movement.'

達賴喇嘛 Dalai Lama

When Religion and Politics Mix: The Dalai Lama and India–China Relations

Jabin T. Jacob

The Dalai Lama is slated to visit Tawang from April 5-7, which raises a loud protest in Beijing. The visit presages a fresh round of tensions in the India–China relationship.

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