A Booming Market: Taiwan Podcast Trends Report 2023

TNL Research

The latest survey conducted by Engagement Lab looks into the vast market potential of podcasts for advertisers, businesses, and program creators.


Survey: Taiwan the 5th Best Place To Live For Expats

TNL Staff

The survey found the happiness level of expats in Taiwan was as high as 78%, which was slightly higher than the average happiness score globally.


Survey: Over 60% Of Taiwanese Support Same-Sex Marriage

TNL Staff

Friendliness towards the transgender community has also been growing.


South Korea: How Did the Pardon of Park Geun-hye Affect the Election?

Timothy S. Rich

A pre-election survey undermines the oft-cited idea that national unity in South Korea is promoted through pardons of former presidents.


Survey: Concern Over Human Rights in China Is Bipartisan In US

TNL Feature

Our survey results indicate that supporters of both major parties in the U.S. show comparable concern over human rights in China.


How Does South Korea View Its Marginalized Groups?

TNL Feature

Compared with other marginalized groups, North Koreans are by far the most preferred neighbor in South Korea.


How Do South Koreans View North Korea’s Human Rights Violations?

TNL Feature

A survey found that if unification were to occur, most South Koreans agree that North Korean officials should be punished for human rights violations, even if doing so increased tensions.


SURVEY: Does The Taiwanese Boomerang Exist?

Kathy Cheng

Here are the results of a short survey on how overseas Taiwanese feel about moving back to Taiwan.

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