Fake News


Taiwan Pushes Back Against Coronavirus Disinformation

Daphne K. Lee

Disgruntled Chinese netizens are suspected to spread disinformation on the novel coronavirus outbreak status in Taiwan.


ANALYSIS: Taking the Measure of China's Meddling in Taiwan's Local Elections

Taiwan Insight

The real question is, which new strategies did China use ahead of the Nov. 24 polls, and to what extend were they successful?


'Red Flag River': How the Media Falsely Hypes Up Dubious PRC Threats

China Brief

Remember that story about China diverting water from Himalayan glaciers to Xinjiang? About that...


The Perfect Storm: How the DPP Lost Its 20-Year Hold on Kaohsiung

David Evans

Things couldn't have gone much worse for the DPP in Kaohsiung than they did in 2018.


ANALYSIS: The China Fake News Election Threat

Global Voices

Taiwan and the freedom of its elections is under threat from a barrage of fake news from China.

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