Semiconductor industry


Ambassador: China Will Respond in Kind to US Chip Export Restrictions

Voice of America

Xie Feng, China’s ambassador to the U.S., has warned that if the U.S. imposes more restrictions and export controls on China's semiconductors, Beijing will respond in kind.


How Did TSMC Become Taiwan's Silicon Shield?

Frank Sun

One of the leading semiconductor manufacturers in the world is based in Taiwan. What does this mean for Taiwanese workers? And for Taiwan's geopolitical situation?


The Semiconductor Industry Is Where Politics Gets Real for Taiwan

The Interpreter

These tiny semiconductor chips, accounting for 15% of Taiwan's GDP, can profoundly change the world as the U.S. and China fight over the brains of electronics.


Taiwan, Still a Semiconductor Success Story

Taiwan's companies retain a global edge despite efforts by China to compete by spending huge sums on tempting their talent.


Keeping An Eye On U.S.–China Semiconductor Supremacy Struggles

Stephen Olson

The way the semiconductor issue is resolved will tell us a lot about whether the two countries will be able to work out a broader modus vivendi for their future trading relationship.

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