Why Chinese Museums Struggle to Export Exhibitions

Gong Xin

Crippling bureaucracy and a culture of snobbery prevents the country’s curators from shining on the world stage.


Mute Museums: Why China’s Institutions Fail to Connect with Visitors

Rebecca Catching

The country’s exhibition halls burst with world-class artifacts but fail to weave engaging stories around them, leaving visitors confused and alienated.


Re-Imagining the Formosan Flag: Taiwan's First Appeal for International Help

Shannon Lin

'The difference between the two tigers is hidden in their eyes; the obverse side has undilated pupils while the reverse has dilated ones. Researchers believe this contrast is a metaphor for day and night, symbolizing constant vigilance.'


Six Museums Worth Visiting in Taipei

TNL Staff

Good Eye Taipei’s recommendations for Taipei’s best museums.


Postindustrial Masterpiece: Shanghai’s Power Station of Art

Andrea Baldini

The museum’s eclectic mix of old and new reveals an offbeat official approach to urban redevelopment.

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