Illegal logging


Vietnam Is Grappling With Stringent New Illegal Logging Regulations


A new agreement to prevent illegal logging is being held up against long-standing practices on the ground.


Saluting a Grieving Vietnamese Father After His Son's Tragic Taiwan Death

TNL Staff

A social worker with a Taiwanese NGO reflects on helping a man through the impossible grief of losing his son to preventable police violence in a faraway land.


Family Demands Justice After Vietnamese Man Dies in Police Handcuffs

TNL Staff

Hoang Van Doan died in April after being detained by, and escaping from, police in the mountains of Alishan. His family wants a full investigation.


Contraband for Sale: How Poachers Supply Sanyi's Thriving Wood Art Market

Nick Aspinwall

In this Miaoli County woodcarving mecca, there’s a consistent demand for sculptures made from the wood of endangered trees. Government crackdowns on poachers have only fueled the market.


Vietnam to Probe Massive Illegal Logging

Michael Tatarski

Following a major undercover investigation by an environmental watchdog organization into illegal logging practices in Cambodia and Vietnam, the Vietnamese government says it plans to investigate.


The Secret to Winning the Fight Against Illegal Logging in Myanmar: Chainsaws

Fresh off a one-year ban on logging, the Southeast Asian nation faces an uphill battle enforcing a new chainsaw registration law.


Paying for Healthcare With Trees: Win-win For Orangutans and Communities

Claire Salisbury

Borneo’s exhilaratingly innovative ASRI program is 'saving the rainforest with a stethoscope,' using healthcare to decrease logging and increase organic farming.


Chainsaw Injuries in Myanmar Tied to Illegal Logging

Poppy McPherson

Despite Myanmar’s nationwide commercial logging ban in 2016, illegal loggers continue to find work cutting down trees with chain saws, imported largely from China and often obtained illegally and used without training or protective gear, according to a months-long investigation by Mongabay.

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