Khmer Rouge


Taking on Cambodia’s “Lady Liberty”

The Interpreter

The American human rights lawyer sentenced to six years in a Phnom Penh prison may cause Hun Sen no end of trouble.


ANALYSIS: Bringing Transitional Justice to the Youth of Cambodia

The Interpreter

Cambodia's young people are connecting digitally to the history of the murderous Khmer Rouge.


The US Is Deporting Cambodian Immigrants to a Land They've Never Known

Policy Forum

Many Cambodian deportees fled the Khmer Rouge decades ago. Some have never set foot in Cambodia.


BOOK REVIEW: 'The Trial of a Khmer Rouge Torturer'

Sharon Wu

In Man or Monster? The Trial of a Khmer Rouge Torturer, Alexander Laban Hinton examines the trial of Kaing Guek Eav, more commonly known as Duch, who oversaw the torture and execution of prisoners during the Khmer Rouge’s rule of Cambodia in the 1970s.


Anlong Veng Calling: The Last Khmer Rouge Stronghold

Julia Mayer

Julia Mayer reports from the remote frontier town that is keeping alive the dying days of Cambodia’s murderous Khmer Rouge regime.

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