Unveiling China's Women Judges

Anqi Shen

Who are women judges in China? What do they do? What are their roles and positions in the Chinese judicial profession? These questions help us to get to know female judicial officers in post-Mao China.


Malaysia, How Deep is Your Love? Support for Female Leaders Only Goes So Far

Lynda Lim.

Fatwahs have been used to silence and intimidate key women’s organizations supporting Muslim women’s rights and access to justice.


School’s Out: How Singapore Keeps University Reserved for the Elites

Roy Ngerng

[OPINION] The Singapore government is shutting out most Singaporeans from universities while keeping the door wide open to foreigners.


Like Mother Like Daughter? A Housekeeper's Tale in Jakarta

Jeffrey Hutton

'It’s easy to see why Yuyun was so eager to spare Rani her fate.'


Chinese Dads, It’s Time For You to Start Acting Like Parents

Guo Yu

Policy change aimed at relieving the pressures of raising kids will only work if fathers involve themselves more in child care.


India: 5 Percent of Women have Sole Control over Choosing Husband

Lavanya Garg

A woman’s power to make decisions is greatly influenced by the role of social norms in India, though it may differ between regions there has been little improvement since the Indian Human Development Survey conducted 12 years ago.

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