Reproductive Travelers: Surrogacy in Global Grey Zones


Rather than demonizing the hundreds of Australians that travel overseas every year to engage in surrogacy, policymakers and regulators would do better to try and understand what drives people into, and out of, fertility markets.


Your Womb, My History: Surrogacy in China

Chublic Opinion

A recent debate about legalizing surrogacy suddenly swerved and crashed into the carefully guarded space of post-1949 Chinese history, creating an opening that competing camps of online commentary vied to control.


Let’s Talk About Love and Family, Ms. President

Jay Lin

One year after Tsai’s election campaign in which she publicly voiced support for same-sex marriage, we now got to see how firmly she stands on the issue.


Why China Should Legalize Surrogacy, Now

Duan Tao

Infertile couples should not be denied the opportunity for a family of their own.

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