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Corporate manager in modern office takes a break and prepares a paper airplane. The bored man dreams of his next vacations and leans back on his chair. Copy space

OPINION: Vertiginous Corporate Ladders Are Holding Back Asian Companies

Robert Hayes

It is no wonder employees seek to move jobs so quickly when the ladder above them stretches to the sky.


Taiwanese Graffiti Art: a Form of Cultural Resistance

Dylan Pendray

In Taiwan, graffiti art isn't about class or race — it's a way to rebel against mundane societal expectations.


For Innovation to Succeed in Asia, Confucianism Must Die

Xiaochen Su

Confucianism and its rigid adherence to age and experience as the determinant of power is the major impediment to innovation taking holding in Asia.


INTERVIEW: The Young Taiwanese Marching to the Beat of a Different Drum

Keith Menconi

Spurning agricultural economics, Hauer Hsieh found success in turntables and YouTube videos.


The Thai Occult Taking Hong Kong by Storm

Sarah Karacs

The Thai amulet trade is growing in Hong Kong, making waves in China, and has factions in Singapore and Malaysia.

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