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蔡總統力挺洪慈庸 呼籲選民支持年輕世代

An Uneasy Partnership: Pan-Green Competition and Cooperation in Taiwan's 2020 Elections

Milo Hsieh

As the election date is quickly approaching, many are turning their attention to the legislative race. What does the competition ⁠— or cooperation ⁠— look like in the pan-Green coalition?


Tsai Ing-wen's Battle to Quell DPP Factionalism Is Not Over Yet

The Interpreter

Despite the ascendance of Tsai ally Cho Jung-tai to DPP chair, the president still presides over a house divided.


A Landline Poll Will Determine the Future of Kaohsiung

Eryk Smith

The DPP's quirky nomination process will all but secure the seat of the next mayor of Kaoshiung.


Pain Still Runs Deep as Taiwan Marks 30 Years Since Martial Law

Agence France-Presse

Official records state around 140,000 people were tried by military courts with as many as 8,000 executed during the 38-year crackdown. Many believe the actual numbers are higher.

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