OPINION: Smart Cities Risk Becoming the 'Next Populist Scapegoat'

Policy Forum

Resistance to futuristic urban concepts could be viewed as obstinate refusal to cope with change, or as a way to maintain humanity in the face of forces larger than ourselves.


OPINION: Here's What You Don't Know about Why Filipinos Support Duterte

Coco Dollanganger

A chance to understand why Filipinos still love Duterte despite the constant negativity surrounding his policies and rhetoric.


Deep-rooted Problems with Democracy in Indonesia

Vedi Hadiz

Indonesians who tend towards secular forms of democratic politics should be aware, now more so than ever, of the historical and contemporary weakness of politically liberal (or social democratic) streams within Indonesian politics.


Putting Duterte’s Popularity into Perspective of Philippines Political Culture

Richard Javad Heydarian

The Philippines' unique political culture may explain why Duterte manages to maintain high approval ratings despite mishaps and his controversial drug policy.


BOOK REVIEW: The Populist Radical Right: A Reader

Andrew Reid

The book brings together seminal social science scholarship on the radical or extreme right in Western democracies produced between the early 1990s to the present day. The volume will leave readers better informed but far from optimistic about the challenges posed by the populist radical right today, finds Andrew Reid.


Islamic Populism Won’t Reign in Indonesia: Scholar

Hera Diani

Failure to create a cross-class alliance is why Islamic populism may fail in Indonesia.

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