Chinese Dream


‘Rat Tribe’: Propping up a Slumless Beijing and the ‘Chinese Dream’

TNL Feature

Beijing appears to be a city without slums. The "Chinese dream" appears to be in reach. But both are illusions propped up by an underclass of workers called the "rat tribe."


'My Fighting Eagles Fly Around Formosa': Is This the 'China Dream' for Taiwan?

Asia Dialogue

China has steadily signaled to Taiwan that 'peaceful reunification' comes with a generous side helping of military domination.


Why Northeast China's 'Rust Belt' Is Crucial to Xi Jinping's 'Chinese Dream'

East Asia Forum

No leader since Mao has truly placated the residents of northeast China. Xi Jinping is trying.


Why China’s Overseas Academics Loath to Return Home

Nina Huang

With more favorable advancement opportunities at Western universities, China must re-evaluate how it plans to bring its best and brightest back.


OPINION: Why Chinese Movies Turn the American Dream into a Nightmare

Cinema Escapist

The American Dream appears quite often in Chinese movies — usually not in the best light.

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