rural China


Bleak Outlook: Millions of Rural Chinese Children 'Left Behind'

Yuan-Ming Chiao

Experts fear the psychological and developmental consequences on migrant children who are growing up without their parents.


Why China’s Modern Barefoot Doctors Are Walking Away

Cai Yiwen

Despite government moves to improve primary care in the countryside, village doctors are under increasing pressure.


What China’s Migrant Numbers Say About Labor Discrimination

Liu Chang

Two sets of data paint divergent pictures of China’s on-the-move workers.


Why I Quit Alibaba’s Big Push Toward Countryside Commerce

Yu Xueyi

Rural Taobao bills itself as good for business, but actually couldn’t care less about helping farmers make money.


Drones Lure Young Chinese Back to Farming

Li Xueqing

As agriculture grows more high-tech, an entrepreneurial spirit draws the children of Xinjiang’s farmers back to their childhood homes.

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