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How “Scooter” Speaks About Independence and Egoism of Taiwanese People 

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Scooters, a type of vehicles commonly used in Taiwan, symbolize the Taiwanese mentality - a preference for small government and prioritization of self and household over the larger community.


How Taiwan’s Largest Wet Market Was Torn Down and Came Back Stronger Than Ever

Clarissa Wei

Jianguo Market — located in the center of Taichung — was considered one of Taiwan’s largest wet markets. Thanks to local activists, it has thrived despite a relocation.


6 Tips for Taiwan’s Traditional Markets

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The tricks of navigating a traditional market, from following the example of the aunties, to making friends with the vendors, are nothing more than the skills of navigating everyday life.


Origins of Taiwanese Fusion Cuisine: It's Not That Simple


Taiwan is a melting pot of food cultures, whose unique cuisine comes from a long history of colonization.


RECIPE: Taiwanese Style Poached Pork


Poached pork is a great method of preventing a debilitating bout of PDS (pork deficiency syndrome). No need to consult a doctor for this recipe, diagnosis: delicious.


RECIPE: Pineapple Bars


Pineapple cakes are incredibly tasty but also incredibly difficult to make at home. This dead simple recipe for pineapple bars has an American twist on a Taiwanese traditional snack.

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