Cantine Marais: A Home Goods Store That Does Fine Dining Right

every little d

Good restaurants can be defined by how little they need on top of the simple act of eating. Whether you’re dining alone or celebrating a special occasion — this new spot in Taipei may be the ideal.


‘Pizza Has a Face’ Is New York Pizza in Old Taipei

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Bookended by an old shoe shop and a Chinese medicine pharmacy in one of Taipei’s oldest districts is a relatively new pizza restaurant with a most intriguing owner.

In the Shade: Exploring Taipei's 'Little Indonesia'

In the Shade: Exploring Taipei's 'Little Indonesia'

James Baron

Check out the mouth-watering offerings and curious bicultural idiosyncrasies in Taipei's little slice of Jakarta.


Two Ends of the Celebrity Chef Spectrum in Taiwan

Jules Quartly

Famous foreign personalities like Jamie Oliver bring business expertise, but in the long run it is local master chefs like André Chiang who will carry the torch.


From Night Market Treats to Food Court Fine Dining

Jules Quartly

The evolution of Taiwan’s mass market eating establishments has speeded up over the past decade to meet developing tastes and higher expectations.

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