El Salvador


OPINION: US Diplomatic Recalls Should Not Inspire Taiwanese Confidence

New Bloom

The US recalled diplomats from countries that dropped recognition of Taiwan, but it’s anyone’s guess who is calling the shots in Washington.


ANALYSIS: A Brief Overview of China's Blackmail Strategy Towards Taiwan

The Interpreter

From El Salvador to last week's typhoon in Japan, China is engaged in a blackmail campaign to remove Taiwan from the international stage.


'Heartbreaking': Taiwan's Salvadorans Express Anger and Frustration at Diplomatic Rupture

James Baron

Salvadorans in Taiwan reflect on their president's decision to switch diplomatic recognition to Beijing.


CARTOON: China's Cash for Central American Control

Stellina Chen

China reportedly agreed to provide more than US$27 billion in financing for a port in El Salvador.


UPDATE: El Salvador Cuts Diplomatic Ties with Taiwan

David Green

El Salvador becomes the third country this year to switch diplomatic recognition to China.


Dark Shadows and New Hope: Taiwan and El Salvador

James Baron

'Taiwan's questionable role in Salvadoran politics is not limited to this dark period of the country's modern history.'

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