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Road Safety


Pedestrian Nightmare: Can Taiwan Draw Inspiration from the UK's Walkways?

Songshan Charles

There's a method to the madness of the United Kingdom's complex hierarchy of pedestrian crossings. Can Taiwan learn from it?


Pedestrian Nightmare: No 'Refuge' on Taiwan's Dreadful Crosswalks

Songshan Charles

An extended comparison of pedestrian crossings at junctions in Taiwan and the UK shows that Taiwan's design and standards are clearly not good enough.


Taiwan's Road Safety Reports Mask a Worsening Record

Jules Quartly

Taiwan is a famously safe place to live, work and travel. Yet crossing the road or driving a scooter is like dicing with death.


OPINION: Towards Safer Traffic in Taiwan — It's Not the Culture that Kills

For traffic safety to radically improve in Taiwan, rather than design the streets to be convenient mostly for cars, the built environment of cities and towns should be re-oriented so that it is convenient for pedestrians, mass public transit, and small size vehicles.


In India, 3 People Die Every 10 Minutes in Road Accidents

Swagata Yadavar

Road accidents accounted for 83 percent of all traffic-related deaths in India.

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