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Jason Hsu labor protest

INTERVIEW: KMT Legislator Jason Hsu on Tech, Labor and the Singapore Model

David Green

As protests against Taiwan's labor laws rage outside government buildings in Taipei, KMT legislator Jason Hsu talks about a future in which technology can help solve Taiwan's public policy problems.


A Delicate Balancing Act: President Tsai’s First Year

Ketagalan Media

Sandwiched between these two clashing generations, Tsai is standing at a dividing line between Taiwan’s past and future, the 'east' of its old glory (such as being one of the four Asian tigers) and the 'west' of its new chapter in history.


The Prime Minister or The People: Just Who is Stealing Lunches in Singapore?

Roy Ngerng

[OPINION] The Singapore Prime Minister’s fixation on stealing other people’s lunches has raised questions of paranoia, competitiveness, double standards and inequality in Singapore.


Pension Reform in Asia is Extremely Difficult to Get Right

Roy Ngerng

[OPINION] As pension reform protesters cause major headaches for the government in Taiwan, what lessons can be drawn from Hong Kong and Singapore?


Why Welfare Is Still Better Than Work for Some of China’s Poor

Wang Junhui

Fearing their payments will stop if they earn too much, families aren’t taking the chance to be better-off.


These Indian States Can Arrest You For ‘Looking Poor’


Indian state laws allow the police to round up beggars without warrant and judges to confine them in government-run institutions for long or indefinite periods.


From Turning Tricks to Stomping Kickflips in Jakarta

Jeffrey Hutton

Park life in the slums: Why the problems facing the controversial Jakarta governor could hurt the city’s skateboarding community.

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