China's Ivory Ban Pushes Illegal Trade to Neighboring Countries, Study Shows


New research shows the ban has shut down the formerly legal ivory market. But the illegal ivory trade is still alive and kicking.


Pedestrian Nightmare: Can Taiwan Draw Inspiration from the UK's Walkways?

Songshan Charles

There's a method to the madness of the United Kingdom's complex hierarchy of pedestrian crossings. Can Taiwan learn from it?


Pedestrian Nightmare: No 'Refuge' on Taiwan's Dreadful Crosswalks

Songshan Charles

An extended comparison of pedestrian crossings at junctions in Taiwan and the UK shows that Taiwan's design and standards are clearly not good enough.


INFOGRAPHIC: Taipei is Traffic Heaven – No, Really

Morley J Weston

Morley Weston takes a close look at Taiwan's traffic accidents and finds some surprising results.


Singapore’s Massive Role in Trading Shark Fins Exposed

Shreya Dasgupta

According to trade records in 2012-2013, Singapore’s shark fin exports were worth US$40 million, closely following Hong Kong’s US$45 million.


Here’s How Not To Get Stuck in Taipei’s Xinyi District On New Year’s Eve

Hsu Chia-yu

New Year’s Eve is a big event in Taiwan, capped off by the fireworks display at Taipei 101. Unfortunately, big events lead to big crowds that end up clogging the streets and messing up your schedule.

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