Sam Yan Press and Publishing as Activism in Thailand

New Mandala

Student activists who energized pro-democracy protests are busily translating and disseminating anti-authoritarian books.


Thailand Welcomes Tourism, Economic Progress, Looks Ahead to 2023 Elections

Voice of America

Experts say the elections could promote further economic growth and create stability for the kingdom.


Thailand’s Cycle of Police Brutality Concerns Activists

Deutsche Welle

Riot police in Thailand regularly meet peaceful demonstrations with heavy force, leading to serious injuries or even death. Activists are calling for reforms and more accountability.


Thailand’s Pot Boosters Battle Bid to Delegalize Cannabis

Voice of America

Thailand made it legal to cultivate and possess marijuana for medicinal purposes in June, but calls are mounting to relist the plant as a narcotic.


Railway Travel as a New Year’s Tradition in Asia

Xiaochen Su

Railway travel is inseparable from New Year’s celebrations across Asia, serving as much a part of the holidays as a facilitator of gatherings.


In Thailand, Aerospace Engineers Turn Their Skills to Covid-19

Voice of America

With the virus pushing Bangkok’s hospitals to the brink, a new website is connecting the sick with people willing to assist.


Thai Protesters Defy Emergency Law To Call for Reforms

Deutsche Welle

Pro-democracy protesters in Thailand have ignored a government ban on demonstrations calling for Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha to stand down and new limits on the power of the monarchy.


Rising Protests and a Sinking Economy Spell Trouble in Thailand

The Interpreter

A wave of dissatisfaction with the ruling elite and a Covid-induced recession have shaken the country’s foundations.


Thai Protesters Demand Prayuth Government Step Down

Deutsche Welle

An anti-government rally in Thailand is one of the biggest seen in the country since a coup in 2014. Protesters accuse Prime Minister Prayuth's administration of rolling back democratic freedoms.


Thailand Mourns Victims of 'Unprecedented' Mass Shooting

Deutsche Welle

The northeastern city of Nakhon Ratchasima is reeling after a soldier killed 29 people in a weekend shooting spree. Security forces fatally shot the lone gunman after a 12-hour siege at a local shopping mall.

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