China’s Disgraceful Internet Celebrity

Lingling Mao

When the gap between rich and poor is so wide and corruption is so rife, the public may have found a way to unleash their anger via Guo Meimei.


Targeting Northeastern Tigers: The Anti-Corruption Campaign in China's Rust Belt

Adam Cathcart

Xi’s anti-corruption campaign needs to be about more than managing elite politics and be balanced against China’s international relations and local tensions.


OPINION: Chinese Leaders Need to Pursue Reform

The Japan Times

Xi Jinping needs to pursue domestic political and economic reforms, and refrain from seeking international hegemony to turn China into a major power welcomed in the international community.


Why Supervision Committees Spell Danger for Corrupt Officials in China

Li Yongzhong

A new pilot scheme will empower those outside the Chinese communist party to hold bureaucrats accountable.

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