Japan: Public Reluctant To Defend Taiwan Should China Invade

Deutsche Welle

A new opinion poll has found that over half of the Japanese population is of the opinion that the Japan Self-Defense Forces should not become involved in fighting if China invades Taiwan.


Okinawa’s Elections Expose Problems With Military Coexistence

East Asia Forum

Okinawa’s role in Japanese security was reinforced by China’s military drills in the Taiwan Strait following U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan.


Okinawa’s Vocal Anti-US Military Base Movement

The Interpreter

Environmental damage and gendered violence are flashpoints on the tiny island dominated by US troops.


The Ongoing Battle for Historical Memory in Okinawa

East Asia Forum

Reflecting on the Battle of Okinawa sheds light on the ongoing exclusion of Okinawan voices in Japan.


JAPAN: Okinawa Referendum Set to Decide Future of US Military Presence

East Asia Forum

Voters will decide whether US troops should be relocated amid increasing opposition to their presence on the island.

RTX11HBT 釣魚島

Who Is Ready to Play Chicken in the East China Sea?

In the face of steadily increasing Chinese pressure, Japan is taking steps to bolster its defense and coast guard capabilities in the Southwest Islands — those territories nearest to the Senkakus.

Buoys floated for relocation  site in Heneko

Dispute Simmers on for New U.S. Military Facility in Japan

The Japan Times

The U.S. and Japan governments have failed to persuade citizens of the relocation of a new U.S. military base to Henoko, Okinawa.

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