Can US-China Competition Be an Impetus for Taiwan To Build a Secure and Moral Economy?

Jenny Li

Taiwan must not be preoccupied with the potential bounty to come from US-China competition, but rather concentrate on reforms that will make it resilient against the vicissitudes of world politics.


Survey: Concern Over Human Rights in China Is Bipartisan In US

TNL Feature

Our survey results indicate that supporters of both major parties in the U.S. show comparable concern over human rights in China.


US Judge Halts Ban on Wechat Downloads

Deutsche Welle

A federal judge delayed the Trump administration's ban hours before it was due to take effect, citing concerns over free speech. Owned by Chinese tech giant TenCent, WeChat has around 19 million active daily users in the United States.


US Officials, Lawmakers Blast WTO Ruling on US Tariffs on China

Voice of America

The World Trade Organization ruled that some punitive measures introduced by the Trump administration against China broke international trading rules.


US Set To Block Imports From China Over Forced Labor

Deutsche Welle

Washington has cited forced labor in western Xinjiang autonomous region as grounds to ban Chinese cotton and tomatoes. The measures would hit a wide array of industries and could have far-reaching consequences for U.S. retailers.


How Trump and Biden Differ on Taiwan

Brian Hioe

No matter who wins in November, the U.S.-Taiwan relationship will remain a relationship of convenience.


Why It's So Difficult for the US to Divorce Itself From China

The Interpreter

Like it or not, rapidly 'decoupling' from China might get messy should the United States try it.


Cold Shoulder: Why Beijing Snubbed Singapore at the Belt and Road Summit

Angela Han

Beijing did not invite Singapore's Prime Minister to attend the Belt and Road event in Beijing this week, signifying strain in sino-Singapore relations.

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