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蔡總統:民眾服1年義務役 絕不是浪費時間

Taiwan’s Military Conscription in 2024

Ian Murphy

Taiwan needs to overhaul its current training methods in accordance with the Overall Defense Concept to make the most out of the reform taking place in 2024.


China Sends 71 Warplanes to Taiwan’s Air Defense Zone

Deutsche Welle

More than 1,700 such incursions have occurred so far this year, compared to 969 in 2021.


What the Chinese and U.S. Militaries Have in Common

Jonah Walters

The convergence between Chinese and U.S military recruitment highlights an obvious, if rarely acknowledged, reality. Two of the largest standing armies in the world, the militaries have more in common than their leaders tend to admit.


Would a War Over Taiwan Be Legal?

The Interpreter

International law defines statehood and provides the rules of war, but ambiguities abound in the case of Taiwan.


Chinese Warplanes Overhead Taiwan (Or Maybe Not)

The Interpreter

Multi-aircraft flights – some at night – signal a growing sophistication. But there are still limits.


Why Malaysia, Normally Calm, Is Upset With China Over a Maritime Dispute

Voice of America

Malaysian officials protested formally over 16 Chinese aircraft flown near the Southeast Asian country and, days later, sighted a Chinese coast guard vessel.


ANALYSIS: Chinese Arms Sales Are Not a Diplomatic Weapon

East Asia Forum

China has not increased its arms exports to Belt and Road partners, nor has it penetrated markets traditionally reliant on Western suppliers.


PLA Swarms at War: Chinese Advances in Swarm Intelligence

Elsa Kania

PLA strategists expect that future, autonomous combat involving unmanned systems, as well as the joint operations of unmanned and manned systems, will have a dramatic impact on traditional operational models.


Xi's Grand Design: Recentralizing Power in the PLA

Joel Wuthnow

An important test of Xi's ability to manage the army bureaucracy will come over the next few years as PLA reform deepens.

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