Digital Economy


The Rise of China’s Tech Sector: The Making of An Internet Empire

John Lee

Part one of this two-part series looks at the rise of China's digital economy, the champion firms that dominate it, and their relationship with the Chinese state.

Fintech 金融科技

Is Tech Defining the Future of Taiwan-US Relations?

There are many opportunities for future Taiwan-U.S. collaboration, argues Matt Fulco.


Uber Reaches New Agreement with Taiwan Government

Rosemary Chen

Uber’s ride-sharing service has been considered illegal in Taiwan and suspended operations on Feb. 10. But the company may have found a way back in after a recent meeting with the government.


Malaysia’s Digital Economy: Can Entrepreneurship Be Unleashed?

Teck Chi Wong

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak is courting some of the biggest Chinese tech companies in a bid to foster the country’s digital economy, but his own administration’s culture of corruption might prove too much of a drag on innovation, Teck Chi Wong writes.

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