Mekong River

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Clean Me a River: Southeast Asia Chokes on Mekong Plastic Pollution


Study finds that micro-plastics in Mekong River are drifting to Western Philippines and Indonesia, contaminating seafood and disrupting marine life, in the Coral Triangle's area.


China's Damming Control of Mekong, South China Sea Pincers Southeast Asia

The Interpreter

China's control of dams above the Mekong and islands in the South China Sea strategically sandwiches Southeast Asia.


What Can Fix the Disjointed Management of the Mekong River?

The Third Pole

Decades of distrust between governments means that the world's 12th longest river has only the loosest management.


The Ups and Downs of Chinese Dams on Mekong: New Report

Timo Räsänen

A new study shows the significant impact of Chinese dams on the Mekong, but it is not all bad.


Hydropower in the Mekong: an Alternative Approach

Charles Vest

Laos needs to rethink its aggressive hydropower plans as new markets and technologies create an opportunity to change course.

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