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Thailand Royal Family


Thailand Tells Internet Users to Unfollow Junta Critics on Social Media — Or Face Consequences

Mong Palatino

The government told Thai Internet users to stop following and sharing posts from the social media accounts of three overseas critics of the military-backed government


Eyes on the Spies in Thailand: New CIA Files Released

Andrew MacGregor Marshall

Andrew MacGregor Marshall gives his overview of some of the CIA files on Thailand that have now been declassified and made widely available to the public for the first time. From tales of tantrums and toilet breaks to kingly admissions of involvement in coups, it makes for eye-opening reading.


Thailand Slides into an Orwellian Dystopia

Online censorship in Thailand has become more draconian following the approval of additional legislation last week to curtail freedom of thought, Khemthong Tonsakulrungruang writes.


Thailand’s Lèse Majesté Crackdown Creeps Across Borders

Patrick Jory

Numerous critics of Thailand’s military regime charged with lèse majesté remain in exile in neighboring Laos and Cambodia.


Henry VIII of Thailand

Paul Sanderson

Henry VIII had six wives. The crown isn’t even on his head, and Vajiralongkorn is already halfway there.

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