Central Asia


Explaining China’s Central Asia Pivot

The Interpreter

Beijing’s ambition with its western neighbors is more about heading off U.S. influence than a quest to dominate.


China's One Belt, One Road Is One Dimensional Compared with the Maritime Original

Stuart Heaver

Exploring the breadth and diversity of cultural and economic exchange enabled by the Maritime Silk Road reveals the comparative paucity of its modern-day counterpart.


Central Asia's Ancient Silk Road Shaped Our Modern Diet, Study Shows

Atlas Obscura

The study is shifting the long-Eurocentric historical record, and has major implications for how archaeologists understand Central Asia.


ANALYSIS: Kazakhstan's Grand Entrance onto the World Stage

The Interpreter

President Nursultan Nazarbayev has assertively courted Chinese and American alliances while shaking off decades of Russian influence.


Can Taiwan Share in China's One Belt, One Road?

Gerald Chan

Hong Kong and China are teaming up to partner on the One Belt, One Road initiative and its promise of opening access to lucrative new Central Asian markets, so why not Taiwan?


Central Asia’s Tortured Chinese Love Affair

Sebastien Peyrouse

Moscow’s annexation of Crimea and policy towards Ukraine has made the governments of Central Asia uneasy.

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