Public health


A Response to ‘Taiwan Should Not Risk Booster Shots Over Omicron’

Patrick Ng

Responsible public health experts should emphasize the use of boosters in combating Covid-19 and the importance of vaccinating the world.


What Can We Learn From Taiwan’s Quarantine Experience?

Judy Chen

A study from Academia Sinica adds to our understanding of the psychological burdens of quarantine.


OPINION: Girls in Hong Kong Will Get Free HPV Shots. What About Boys?

Nelson Lau

Hong Kong will vaccinate schoolgirls against HPV. It should vaccinate boys as well.


INDONESIA: Cigarettes Are Blazing Through Rural Household Budgets

Even though Indonesian farmer households have low incomes, the proportion of their income allocated to smoking is alarmingly high.


Bad Blood: India Denies HIV Blood Transfusion Crisis Despite Thousands of Deaths

Nikhil M Babu

An investigation has uncovered 14,474 cases of HIV caused via blood transfusions over the past seven years, but the government denies there is a crisis.

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