Thailand’s Cannabis Policy Experiment

East Asia Forum

Cannabis decriminalization is seen as a way to attract tourists, especially young adults, but conservative groups are questioning whether cannabis users are the kinds of tourists Thailand should want.


Thailand’s Pot Boosters Battle Bid to Delegalize Cannabis

Voice of America

Thailand made it legal to cultivate and possess marijuana for medicinal purposes in June, but calls are mounting to relist the plant as a narcotic.


Japan’s Hemp Business Wants To Distance Itself From Image of Narcotics

Deutsche Welle

For centuries, hemp was grown across Japan and used in cuisine, clothing, and traditional rites. It suffered an image problem during the post-war years and has not fully recovered.


Thailand Becomes First Southeast Asian Country to Legalize Medical Marijuana

TNL Staff

Medical cannabis is being legalized in what the Thai government calls a 'New Year's gift' to the people.


Cambodia Exports Can Get High on Cannabis

Jim Plamondon

Early this month, the world moved past a tipping point in the global legalisation of cannabis. Exporting legal cannabis could drive Cambodia’s export revenues up and keep rural unrest down, but only if Cambodia acts quickly.

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