Asia's Rhino Horn Trade is Thriving

John C. Cannon

The Elephant Action League sent undercover investigators into Vietnam, China and several other Asian countries to understand the intricate network involved in getting rhino horn from African countries into the hands of Chinese consumers.


How to Save the Javan Rhinoceros

Francesco Nardelli

Critical gaps in knowledge must be filled before time runs out for the Javan rhino. The views expressed are those of the author.


How Laos’ Black Market Undermines China’s Ivory Ban

Shi Yi

Chinese buyers drive Vientiane’s thriving trade in elephant tusks.


Ending Puntung's Suffering: One of Malaysia’s Last Rhinos Euthanized

Isabel Esterman

Puntung, one of three Sumatran rhinos known to survive in Malaysia, was diagnosed with terminal cancer.


Two to Tango: Skewed Sex Ratio Spells Danger for Rhinos in India

Moushumi Basu

Although the numbers of rhinos are still increasing, when it comes to long-term viability, having more males than females could be as a big a threat as poaching.


Graffiti Campain Brings Rhino Conservation Message to Urban Vietnam

Michael Tatarski

The art campaign is aimed at educating locals and engaging neighborhood residents about the cost of sought-after rhino horn.


Saving Orphaned Baby Rhinos in India

Shreya Dasgupta

The Center for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation in Assam State gives orphaned rhinos a second chance at life in the wild.


New Threats Emerge as Rhino Numbers Recover

Ramesh Bhushal

Rhino numbers have slowly recovered after stringent steps against hunting and poaching, but climate change and invasive species offer new threats.


Back from the Brink: The Surprising Survival of India's Rhinos

Mukta Patil

India’s Rhino population was barely 75 in 1905. It has now increased by 35-times In 107 years.

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