Jason Hsu


Taiwan Shapes Self-regulating Future for Crypto and Blockchain at BlockCity

David Green

The door remains open for Taiwan to be a global player in cryptocurrency and blockchain but wider public support may be needed if policymakers are to be convinced.


Ahead of Pride, Taiwan Still Waits for Same-sex Marriage

David Green

Despite the decision of Taiwan's constitutional court to amend Taiwan's Civil Code in favor of same-sex marriage in May, the country's institutions are dragging their feet on implementing legislation.


UPDATE: Taiwan Must Be Brave on Cryptocurrency Stance

David Green

Taiwan should be brave and embrace crypto development, despite the risks.


OPINION: Time for Taiwan Lawmakers to Act on Gay Marriage Now

Jason Hsu

'I hope the government and my fellow legislators can face this issue directly and fearlessly, rather than avoid it.'


Taiwan: ‘Decide to Disrupt or be Disrupted'

Jason Hsu

Kicking out companies like Uber, UberEats, Gogovan and LaLaMove is not a solution, argues opposition lawmaker Jason Hsu.

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