Dignity at the Margins: Exploring Kosovo Through a Taiwanese Lens

Anthony Kao

Like Taiwan, Kosovo is a partially recognized country—but what does that mean for everyday life? When statehood falls into question, the mundane becomes less so.


Let’s Stop Calling Taiwan a “Digital Democracy” (And Start Telling Better Digital Stories)

Sam Robbins

If we focus only on the tech itself and its impressive uses, we risk leaving most citizens feeling like they have no voice in the matter.


INTERVIEW: Htin Kyaw Aye on Opening Myanmar to Data Transparency

David Green

As freedoms come under threat in Myanmar, various civic tech groups are trying to promote the importance of collecting, sharing and using data to get to the truth.


Taiwan Takes Centerstage in Global Fight Against 'Fake News'

David Green

Taiwan is a genuine global leader when it comes to promoting media literacy and civic tech solutions to the problem of disinformation.


Can Kosovo Be a Civic Tech Role Model for Taiwan?


The countries have many differences, but share a lack of recognition from the UN – and a spirit of solving problems using civic technology.


g0v NYC Hackathon: Tech Solution Workshop or Social Meetup?

Eric Tsai

'If g0v hackathons want to truly solve issues and be a continued effort to understand issues, captivate the user’s needs and advocate the use of a technology, they must utilize product management to get these tools in the hands of those who can best use the technology.'

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