INDONESIA: An Election of Identity Politics and Peace Offerings

The Interpreter

Vice presidential nominee Ma’ruf Amin has notably offered an olive branch to former Jakarta mayor Ahok.


Deep-rooted Problems with Democracy in Indonesia

Vedi Hadiz

Indonesians who tend towards secular forms of democratic politics should be aware, now more so than ever, of the historical and contemporary weakness of politically liberal (or social democratic) streams within Indonesian politics.


Young, Female, Outspoken. A Political Star Is Born in Indonesia

Jeffrey Hutton

A young, social media-savvy woman is challenging Indonesia's political old guard.


Old Power Re-Emerges in Indonesia

Gustav Brown

What appears to be the emergence of a new religious politics in Indonesia is, in reality, the re-emergence of an old power apparatus — that of the New Order deep state.


Holy Places and Unholy Politics in Jakarta

George Quinn

A sideshow to the greater narrative of Ahok’s defeat and subsequent conviction for blasphemy, but it lifts a corner of the curtain that hides unexpected intricacies and paradoxes in Indonesia’s polarizing politics of religion.


Indonesia’s Next Jokowi?

Jeffrey Hutton

The secret to reform in Indonesia is simple, don’t mention religion.


A Troubling Election in Jakarta

The Japan Times

Anies Baswedan must find a way to tack back to the center and govern as a traditional Indonesian politician.


How the Symbols of Indonesia’s Hardline Muslim Groups Reached the Pages of Marvel Comics

Juke Carolina Rumuat

An Indonesian artist uploaded a sketch he made for X-Men Gold #1 and was quickly spotted symbols used by the Movement in Defense of Islam.


Coldplay, Ahok and Fixing Jakarta

Jeffrey Hutton

To make progress in Jakarta, it won’t be enough to simply say: 'I will fix you.'

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