Indonesia Is a Fence Sitter on the Russia–Ukraine Crisis

East Asia Forum

While Indonesia’s government avoided taking a stand on the war, public opinion tilted in favor of Russia.


Indonesia: Thousands of Students Protest Rumored Election Delay

Deutsche Welle

President Joko Widodo promised not to delay elections in order to hold on to power, but many aren’t convinced. Monday's protests echoed those that ousted President Suharto in 1998.


Indonesia: Jakarta Enjoys Deep Culinary Connection With China

Deutsche Welle

For centuries, Indonesians and the Chinese have had a long, complicated relationship. But in Jakarta, they mingled and intermarried — and so did their cuisines.


Indonesia: Jakarta Court Rules in Favor of Residents’ Clean Air Bid

Deutsche Welle

A court has ordered President Joko Widodo and other top officials to take measures to tackle air pollution. It's a landmark ruling for the residents who filed the case, but not everyone is celebrating.


'The Jakarta Method' Tells of US Role in Indonesian Massacre

Randy Mulyanto

“Most people know very little about Indonesia, and almost nothing about what happened in 1965-66 in that archipelago nation.” 'The Jakarta Method' retells one of Indonesia’s most significant yet controversial chapters in history, holding Washington accountable for one of its worst atrocities.


Indonesian Citizens Sue Government Over Severe Air Pollution


A group of citizens is suing the Indonesian government over the world's filthiest air quality.


INDONESIA: Lion Air Plane Crashes Into Sea With 189 People On Board


Search and rescue operations are underway after the crash, which serves as another blow to Indonesia's dismal aviation safety record.


Will Indonesia Finally Move Its Capital?

Febriana Firdaus

The clogged city of Jakarta has been on the chopping block for decades.


Old Power Re-Emerges in Indonesia

Gustav Brown

What appears to be the emergence of a new religious politics in Indonesia is, in reality, the re-emergence of an old power apparatus — that of the New Order deep state.

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