Tokyo Freezes Assets of Russians, Clarifying Once Ambiguous Relations With Moscow

Voice of America

The shift of tone since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine highlights the collapse of faith of both the Japanese government and the public that Russia will abide by international norms, analysts say.


Taiwan Watches Ukraine Closely Wondering How the West Would React in Case of Chinese Invasion

Global Voices

Many Taiwanese are looking at the conflict between Russia and Ukraine as a warning about the country’s own precarious geopolitical situation.


Putin and Xi Seek to Remake the World Order

Alexander Görlach

By taking Ukraine, Putin is attempting to annul universal values with “might makes right.”


Reading Putin’s Speech From Taiwan

Brian Hioe

Putin’s speech on the war’s eve expressed an incoherence that leaves China in an awkward position vis-a-vis its claims on Taiwan.


Mongolia’s Election Outcome is a Win for Putin

Edward Cavanough

Battulga’s pro-Russia agenda means his election is a significant win for Russian President Vladimir Putin, representing as it does a further proliferation of pro-Kremlin regimes in the states bordering Russia’s extensive frontier.


Russia’s Stake in South Korea's THAAD Missile Debate

Anthony V. Rinna

The geopolitics of South Korea's missile system is of concern to major regional players, namely China, US, and Russia.


The Petty Bargain: Trump, Putin and the Future of US-Russia Relations

Peter Rutland

The annexation of Crimea showed that the most reliable way to ensure a surge of popularity for Putin is foreign policy adventurism. More surprises may be in store.


Can Russia Win Friends and Influence People in Southeast Asia?

Alexander Bukh

Studies show positive perceptions of Russia among young educated elites in Southeast Asia.


A Gand Bargain: What Russia Now Wants from the West

Matthew Dal Santo

'Though Trump has yet to fix a date for a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Russian press has been alive with discussions about how to make the most of the most Russia-friendly incoming administration in American history.'

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