Sunflower Student Movement


INTERVIEW: Meredith Huang's Journey From Sunflower Activism to Political Power

Cat Thomas

Meredith Huang entered the Legislative Yuan in March 2014 as an ardent activist bearing two speakers and a microphone. Five years later, she's a NPP city councilor.


INTERVIEW: Tobie Openshaw on Taiwan's Sunflowers, Indigenous Rights & Democracy

Cat Thomas

Videographer Tobie Openshaw on how his experiences in early adulthood shaped his life, his memories of the Sunflower Movement, and his ever-expanding list of projects.


INTERVIEW: Ian Rowen on the Sunflower Movement and Youth Activism in Taiwan

Cat Thomas

Ian Rowen looks back on Taiwan's Sunflower Movement, five years after helping share the occupation of the Legislative Yuan with an international audience.


5 Years Later, What Is the Legacy of Taiwan's Sunflower Movement?

Brian Hioe

The spell of the Sunflower Movement may appear to have faded, but it has had a lasting impact on Taiwan.


Sunflower Movement Protesters Ruled Detention


Chen Wei-ting says people have the right to attend the public hearings held by the Legislative Yuan, yet the police blocked the main gate and denied citizens entrance of the building during the Sunflower Movement. He will discuss with his lawyer about appealing.


China Bans Taiwan Golden Melody Award-winning Song

Anita Chow

The Chinese government has ordered all Chinese media to delete every story relating to "Island’s Sunrise" winning an award. Some netizens say, “If 'Island’s Sunrise' really needs to be shut out, then why wasn’t it done sooner?” Others say luckily they downloaded the song before it was banned.

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