Deng Xiaoping


China Is Becoming More Reliant on the World

Ian Murphy

With the Made in China 2025 initiative, Beijing aims to decrease dependency on foreign technology imports, but it’s also seeking foreign investments to modernize its technology sector.


Eyeing Global Food Crisis, Beijing Revives Elements of Planned Economy

Voice of America

Beijing is promoting the development of supply and marketing cooperatives for agricultural products and state-run canteens as relations between China and Western democracies deteriorate.


The 20th Party Congress and the Crowning of Xi Jinping

East Asia Forum

Xi Jinping’s maneuverings to ensure his personal domination in the CCP, long in the planning, threaten to upset a bedrock of the durability of the party.


Xi Jinping Puts His Stamp on Communist Party History, but Is His Support as Strong as His Predecessors?

The Conversation

It is reasonable to assume Xi has had close supporters within the leadership of the CCP, and even among former leaders. However, they are not as visible, for the most part, as was the case for Mao and Deng.


Why Deng Xiaoping and China Could Never Truly Understand Singapore

New Mandala

China has always looked fondly at Singapore's reforms, but has it ever truly understood them?


EXPLAINER: How Deng Xiaoping Shaped Modern China

The Conversation

China's recent economic slowdown may be further vindication of Deng Xiaoping's economic foresight, writes James Laurenceson.


CARTOON: Beware the Cult of Xi

Stellina Chen

For all the assertions of China's rising power and strength at the ongoing 19th Party Congress in Beijing, the country's inability to reconcile its past and vulnerability to cults of personality point to inherent institutional weakness.


The Empty Truth of Xi Jinping Thought

Dr. Willy Wo-Lap Lam

As the 19th National Congress of the CPP Approaches, Xi Jinping Thought looks set to be installed in the Party's constitution – ranking alongside only Mao Zedong Thought in terms of doctrinal weight. But whereas The Great Helmsman's dogma looked to the future, Xi is set solely on consolidating power for himself and his party.


Trump, Tiananmen and the Rise of Authoritarianism

Johan Lagerkvist

Even if he loses the presidential election , the legacy of Trump is likely to linger in the increasingly divisive politics of the United States.

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