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Experts: Thailand’s New Government Aims for Balance Amid US-China Rivalry

Voice of America

The Pheu Thai Party, led by Thailand’s Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin, has expressed support for increased trade with China. However, analysts suggest the government may engage more with the US and other democracies to differentiate itself from the previous military-led regime.

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Paraguay’s New Government Remains Loyal to Taiwan

East Asia Forum

Despite China’s enormous market potential, the new Paraguay government reaffirms the country's support for the status quo and continuity in its diplomatic relationship with Taiwan.


The Abrupt Dismissal of Qin Gang Reduces China’s Efforts in Winning Back Foreign Investors

Ian Murphy

Backtracking on Qin Gang’s appointment weakens China’s attempts at winning back international investments.


Nearly a Year Into Office, Marcos Gets Mixed Analyst Reviews

Voice of America

“We have really yet to see any major achievements, especially for the lives of the ordinary people,” said Cleve Arguelles, chief executive of WR Numero Research. Despite this, Marcos remains popular in public opinion polls, in April a report indicated that 78% of Filipinos approved of his performance.


Philippines Foreign Policy under President Duterte

Lucio Blanco Pitlo III

Philippines foreign policy under President Duterte has strengthened relations with Japan and appeared to tack away from the U.S., but the reality is more nuanced.


Resisting China’s Magic Weapon

Anne-Marie Brady

Foreign influence activities (of any state) can only thrive if public opinion in the state being influenced tolerates them.


The Dangers of Flip-flopping on North Korea

Dongxiao Chen

The security situation on the Korean peninsula seems to be moving further away from Beijing’s preferred objectives.


Trump’s Exit of Paris Climate Accord Strengthens China and Europe

Henrik Selin.

On global climate change cooperation and a growing number of other foreign policy issues, American exceptionalism now increasingly means that the United States stands largely alone in the world.


China's New Foreign Correspondents Go Into the Fray

Shixin Ivy Zhang

Chinese foreign correspondents and war correspondents may be a major force and agents in China’s soft power public diplomacy. But being Chinese does not bring many benefits to practicing journalists.


Is Australian Sovereignty at Risk amid Torrent of Chinese Investment?

Australian exposure to Chinese investment is in actual fact limited and that Australian government and authorities have not hesitated to act in cases where Chinese investment have raised national security concerns.

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