Cold War


What Beijing’s Muted Response to Wagner Mutiny Tells Us About China-Russia Relations – And What It Doesn’t

The Conversation

It’s hard to overstate how what happens in Russia has historically shaped thinking in China about their own country. But many in China may wonder how much they have in common with Russia today.

捷克團離台 維特齊與游錫堃碰肘致意

“I Am a Taiwanese”: Eastern Europeans See a Cold War in East Asia

The Interpreter

Memories of life under authoritarianism forge ties between Taiwan and a growing number of Eastern European states.


China Threatens the West’s Primacy, Not Its Democratic Systems

The Interpreter

Cold War tropes misrepresent Beijing’s challenge, and exaggerate its material and ideological power.


Kashmir: Independence Activists Draw Inspiration From German Reunification

Deutsche Welle

Calls for a free Kashmir are becoming louder on both sides of the divided region. Can the German reunification model be applied to the India- and Pakistan-ruled Kashmir? And what can Kashmiris learn from it?


PHOTO STORY: Fidel Castro Dies

TNL Staff

Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro has died, aged 90.


Don't Count on the Russians Backing Down this Time

Matthew Dal Santo

One of the problems with assumptions about a 'new Cold War' may be that they're not scary enough.

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