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Myanmar’s Young Pro-Democracy Activists Fill up Prisons

Deutsche Welle

At least 13,000 political prisoners are currently behind bars in Myanmar, according to the United Nations.


Widespread Worry About Myanmar Rapper’s Fate After Arrest

Voice of America

The rapper’s detention is the latest in a string of arrests of artists who have spoken out against the regime. One such artist, Phyo Zaya Thaw, was executed last year for his involvement in the anti-coup movement.


How Myanmar’s Junta Uses Telecom Companies to Target Journalists

Voice of America

With Myanmar’s four mobile service providers now either directly or indirectly linked to the military, sensitive user data is more easily accessible and could be used to persecute opposition voices, experts say.


Myanmar: A Desperate Junta Trying, and Failing, To Shore up Its Legitimacy

The Interpreter

Aung San Suu Kyi’s Australian economic adviser was sentenced to three years in prison. It won’t help the Myanmar junta’s international isolation or its domestic problems.


Malaysia Suggests ASEAN Engage Myanmar’s Shadow Government

Voice of America

To establish regular, open contact with ASEAN would be a big win for the National Unity Government, which is struggling to show control on the ground and has started to fade from the international spotlight.


Myanmar Junta Hits Opposition Forces With Communications Blackouts

Voice of America

Myanmar’s junta has been cracking down on opposition forces by cutting off mobile internet service and telephone lines in strongholds of local armed groups.


Myanmar Junta Leader Vows to ‘Annihilate’ Opponents

Deutsche Welle

The leader of Myanmar’s military made the threat at a parade marking Armed Forces Day. The junta ousted civilian leaders, including State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi, in February 2021.


Myanmar’s Annus Horribilis

The Interpreter

The security situation is more complex and dangerous than it has been since the 1950s, without a resolution in sight.


Myanmar’s Military Junta Has Long-Term Power Plans

East Asia Forum

The Myanmar military has extended its emergency rule until 2023. What does it plan to do in the next two years?


Released Journalists Share Prison Experiences in Myanmar

Global Voices

In late June, the Myanmar military government released more than 2,000 prisoners arrested for resisting the coup, including 12 journalists. At least 36 journalists are still in detention.

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