Asylum seeker


Rethinking Japan’s Refugee and Asylum Policy

East Asia Forum

Japan is unlikely to expand its refugee intake in the near future despite international criticism.


Refugees Left Stranded by Southeast Asia Amid Covid-19

East Asia Forum

As governments impose strict border controls to contain the spread of Covid-19, asylum seekers and refugees are stranded at sea.


The Rahaf al-Qanun Saga and the Global Politics of Seeking Asylum

The Interpreter

Rahaf al-Qanun's dramatic route from Bangkok to Canada cast a lens on how global power brokers manage the fate of asylum seekers.


Will Taiwan Accept Chinese Asylum Seeker?

Edward White

The lack of an asylum law in Taiwan opens up the case of the Chinese activist seeking asylum to administrative discretion. But an American lawyer in Taipei does not expect the man to be deported.


Singapore Establishment Licks its Wounds after US Court says Amos Yee Persecuted for Political Views

Kirsten Han

‘Allowing immunity for hate speech only encourages the undermining of values in a functional democracy,’ said the head of the Law Society of Singapore.


Reporting Migration: Big Challenges for Old and New Media

Rachael Buckland

There is undoubtedly strong consumer appetite for the stories about refugees and asylum seekers.

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